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Neuheiten von Bel Atout 6.40

6. März 2022

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A few small improvements

  • Display of the opening lead during the bidding

    During the bidding, we often need to know which player will have the opening lead (will play the first card of the deal). The dealer is always displayed by two stars around his name ( * South *  for example), but it required a little mental gymnastics to find the player with the lead. Now, it is displayed with the exponent One around his name ( ¹ East ¹  for example). Thus, we can more quickly know which player will play first, once the bidding is over.

    It was contract belote players who asked me for this improvement, after having experienced the prepared games of the Advanced level. In these games, there are many capots to declare, sometimes with a relay capot, and it is almost always essential to take the opening lead into account in order to make the right decision. I hope this new display will help them become unbeatable on capots!

    All the prepared game pages have now been translated into English, as well as the comment of each deal you play. Contract belote is the most interesting belote, and I urge you to discover it.

  • Using the advantage to improve your capot bidding

    Once at contract belote you master relay capots and strong openings requiring a precise lead, you can practice on random deals that are selected to always present in the North-South line a capot with lead direction. Here's what I suggest you do, so that these workouts do not interfere with your general statistics:

    1. Switch user by Ctrl+U. If you usually play as user n°1, switch to n°2 by defining it for example as "Practicing capots".

    2. Set the general preferences and rule preferences of the new user thus defined, according to your playing habits.

    3. If needed, change one of the application colors (table, border, etc.) to easily identify what type of use you are playing with.

    4. By Shift+A, open the window to set the advantage for North-South. Click on the +10 button, and in the list that appears, select Advantage by playing a capot with lead direction.

    5. In the rule preferences on the Scoring page, choose a game played in a fixed number of deals (for example 8), because on the proposed deals, it will almost always be the North-South team that will score points.

    6. Also uncheck the Game is won on the total of scored points box, because winning a game does not really matter if only one team scores points.

    7. In the Preferences menu, check Save statistics, and enable the Compare the bidding and the playing option.

    With these settings, you will be in the best possible condition to practice your capot bidding. It is imperative to enable the comparison because your objective will then be to win it, or at least not to lose it. Try it once, and you'll see, it's great fun. Occasionally reset your stats to see if you're making progress. Capots with lead direction are quite rare around a table. If you are ever lucky enough to have the cards to declare them, you'd better be well trained. You have to be ready for the big day!

  • A few mistakes have been corrected

    A few playing mistakes have been corrected. You can have a look at them in the last corrections file (accessible by the Examples menu).

Thanks to all those who proposed these enhancements.

Best wishes