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Neuheiten von Bel Atout 6.21

12. Januar 2021

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This version 6.21 differs from version 6.20 only by a new option in the rule preferences on the Scoring page. This one allows you to enable (or disable) le winning of the game on the total of points scored during a game played with a fixed number of deals. The option is enabled by default so as not to change your habits, but if you prefer to focus on winning the comparison and not on the total of scored points (which depends a lot on luck), you can disable this option.

New rule preferences

  • Always draw trumps if declarer has not yet done so

    If the offenders have not yet drawn trumps and declarer has not yet been on lead, his partner always plays a trump. But if declarer got the lead and voluntarily did not draw trumps, his partner may wonder about the interest to lead that suit or not. He will of course do so if he holds a top trump or many thumps his partner does not expect. But if he is weak in trumps too, the decision to lead a trump is not easy to take. Check this box so that in this situation, declarer's partner does not have to think about it and systematically plays a trump. You can enable this option in the rule preferences on the Playing strategy / Techniques page.

    I have carried out comparative tests (with the rule and without the rule) on several thousands deals, but this systematic trump lead seems neither better nor worse than the trump lead with arguments. So, I still have some progress to make on the subject. Send me the deals where you managed to come up with solid arguments for leading a trump or not.

  • Draw rule for modern belote

    Some modern belote players have asked me to add a draw rule identical to that of classic belote. This is now done with the new option called With draw (Modern). You can enable it in the rule preferences on the Scoring / General rules page.

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Other small improvements

  • Advantage by playing a capot with lead direction

    For contract belote, I've added a type of advantage that I personally find to be great fun. It concerns the deals where a capot is bid with lead direction (cashing your aces, avoiding a suit bid, handling trumps in a particular way, etc.). If you want to practice the strong openings with opening lead or the relay capots, set the advantage to +10 and select this type of advantage. The dealing sometimes takes nearly thirty seconds before finding a deal with the right criteria. But it's often worth the wait!

    Moreover, it's thanks to this new function that I found several capots that were failed while there was a winning line of play. When a player bids a 170 relay capot to ask his partner to cash his aces as a priority, the latter always obeys. But there are times when he has to disobey. If he knows (from his vision of the hidden hands) that his partner will have no problem returning to his hand, he must avoid taking risks and should play a trump as usual. You can see several examples of this disobedience in the last corrections file (accessible by the Examples menu).

    I am sure that if you test this advantage, you'll end up finding failed capots that are however achievable (without looking into other player's hands, of course). Send me the badly played deals, so that the capot bids increase their success rate a little more!

  • Resetting statistics has been improved

    In the statistics window, I've added four small R buttons which now allow you to reset your comparison statistics independently of those concerning your games won. It may help, sometimes.

Thanks to all those who proposed these enhancements.

Best wishes