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Neuheiten von Far Whist 1.90

1. September 2020

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A few small improvements

  • Horizontal display of East and West hands

    I finally took my courage in both hands to rework the display of East and West hands. The vertical display of their hands had almost been imposed on me by the old 16:12 screens. But since the arrival of wider screens in 16:10 and especially 16:9 format, there was enough space in width to display the hands horizontally, with the cards arranged in the same way as for South and North, and therefore better readability. The option to allow this display is enabled by default (it will be ignored if your screen is too small). You can uncheck it through the general preferences on the Display / Layout page, but if you like to study the deals and think about the game, I advise you to leave it checked.

  • Several buttons added to the toolbars

    Again in order to make the most of the width of today's screens, I decided to add some buttons to the toolbars. Mainly it's a button to stop the current game, and two more to open the general preferences and the rule preferences. Twenty years ago, keyboard shortcuts were used much more often than now. The function keys were much more practical than on most current laptops. And touch screens were not yet widespread. These new buttons should make your life easier, if your screen is large enough. There is of course an option to reduce the number of toolbar buttons, if you think there are too many of them. You can enable it through the general preferences on the Display / Toolbars page.

  • The help index open by default

    Still related to wide screens, I now request that the help index be open by default. There has always been the Show button at the top left of the help, to display the contents with direct access to all pages. And above all to display the index allowing to find a page from its important keywords. But by default I didn't open this navigation pane so as not to overload the screen. As this drawback is no longer relevant, the index will be automatically displayed the first time the help is opened. And you can always remove it by the Hide button at the top left of the help window.

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  • Better handling of multi-monitor mode

    To work on wide screens, I installed on my development PC a second screen with 1920x1080 resolution, a little wider than my main screen at 1600x1200. And I set Windows to the "Extend these displays" option, so I could easily go from one screen to the other. It was then that I realized that Far Whist was not responding well to multi-monitor mode. In particular, it always opened in the main screen while I had closed it in the secondary screen. So, I made the necessary corrections to avoid this problem, while ensuring that windows were resized when needed when switching between screens.

  • Three new options for the screen layout

    It was already possible to display the scoring area on the left side, to facilitate access to the game for left-handed people. There are now three new options of this type, one to reverse the order of the toolbar buttons, one to display the bidding box from right to left, and finally an option to reverse the button order in symmetric dialog boxes. All these options are now grouped in the Display / Layout page of the general preferences. They can also help to arrange the screen correctly if a language displayed from right to left is selected (see below).

  • Languages displayed from right to left better handled

    The languages displayed from right to left were previously not well handled by the program. This is now done, with essentially an inversion of the display direction for menus and dialog boxes. There is no translation yet for this type of language, but you can already test the right-left display by the _Testing RTL display.txt file located in the Languages / Not Translated folder (accessible by Ctrl+L).

    Note that some texts (such as a comment of a deal, explanations of a decision or tooltips) remain in left-right display if they have not yet been translated. If you wish to make a translation into a language called RTL (right to left), contact me, I will be glad to help you.

Thanks to all those who have proposed these enhancements.

Best wishes