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Bel Atout download free

Official site of the famous Bel Atout (Belote card game). Four different kinds of Belote, with many options. Download here the free full unlimited version, with no ads. No need to register, you play with an AI partner against two other machine players. For PC (all Windows), Mac OS X, Linux.

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1. Download

To download Bel Atout (the free full unlimited version with no advertising), click on the belatout661e.exe link in the yellow rectangle below:

No download from a tablet or a smartphone


Troubleshooting (download and install)

What's new        Quick troubleshooting        Frequent questions

 Prepared games (contract belote)

For PC (all Windows from 2000) - Size of the file to download: 2.51 MB

Publishing this software from another site or any support is not allowed.
For Windows 95 and 98, thanks to contact me.

Latest version available: Information not accessible offline
If this version does not appear on the link above, click the Refresh button
at the top of your browser to refresh this page

2. Installation

After downloading, open your Downloads folder and double-click belatout661e.exe to carry out the installation. Let yourself be guided, accept the authorizations and complete the installation. An icon will be added to your desktop in order to launch the program. You don't have to be online to play.

To update a previous version, just install this new version in the same folder as your previous one. The new files will be modified, but neither your personal files nor your preferences.

See also how to run the program on Mac OS X   and   Linux.

Cliquez ici pour la version française.

Direct link to this page, that you are free to use:
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Sounds and voices

The standard version of Bel Atout is supplied with a few sounds and voices. But these sounds are in the mp3 format, which cannot be heard by all configurations. If you are in this case, you can download the equivalent sounds in the full wav format :

Must be downloaded only if your configuration cannot read the sounds in the mp3 format. Have a try first. If needed, read the help files of Bel Atout. Note also that some users who could hear the sounds from Windows Explorer but not from Bel Atout, have fixed this problem by installing a new version of their media player.

A few sounds : Laughs, screams, applauds, etc.
Self-extracting zip file for Windows 95 and higher - 1.3 MB
This file must be extracted to the Sounds / waSounds folder of Bel Atout.

Sounds for the comparison
Self-extracting zip file for Windows 95 and higher - 203 KB
This file must be extracted to the Sounds / waSounds folder of Bel Atout.

One voice : for the bidding, melding, etc.
Self-extracting zip file for Windows 95 and higher - 1.89 MB
This file must be extracted to the Voices / waVoices folder of Bel Atout.

When extracting a Zip file, don't forget, BEFORE clicking the Unzip button, to click the Browse button in order to indicate to which folder you want to extract. If you skip this step and click too soon the Unzip button, you extract the file to a temporary folder that is not really accessible.