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What's new in Bel Atout 6.31

July 17th, 2021

This version 6.31 differs from version 6.30 only by changes that only concern Mac users who use the free Wine program to run Bel Atout. They reported to me several display bugs that appeared with certain new versions of Mac OS (toolbars not displayed correctly, unable to open help, etc.). All these problems have been fixed. The program has been tested on Mac OS 10.14 (so far, Wine does not work on higher versions) and now everything seems to work fine.

A few small improvements

  • No set of four 9s in No Trumps (modern belote)

    Some players play with the rule that, at modern belote, there is no set of four 9s if the contract is played in No Trumps. So, I've added this option, which is however unchecked by default. If you want to play with this rule, open the rule preferences on the Melding page, and check No set of four 9s in No Trumps.

  • Display the card order on the table

    In Bel Atout, the cards played are not superposed on the table, which sometimes makes it difficult to know who started the trick. So, I've added an option to display (1), (2), (3) and (4) next to each card on the table, thus giving the order in which the cards were played. This option is enabled by default because the display is not effective in the course of the game. The card order is only displayed is you review the last trick, or if you study the deal step by step. So it shouldn't bother you too much. If this is the case, however, open the general preferences on the Play page, and uncheck Display the card order on the table. When the option is unchecked, only a small star   *   is displayed next to the first card of the trick.

  • An Internet menu for easy access to the site

    I have added an Internet menu that will allow you, if your computer is connected, to directly access the frequently asked questions of my site, as well as the troubleshooting pages (these will only be useful if you read French, as they have not yet been translated into English). There is also a sub-menu to find out what is the latest available version of Bel Atout. The page that opens will show you the number of your current version, and the number of the most recent version. This will make it easy to find out if your version is up to date. With the new Play prepared games menu, you will also be able to open the Initiation and Improvement pages for contract belote (again, these pages are still in French).

  • A few mistakes have been corrected

    A few playing mistakes have been corrected. You can have a look at them in the last corrections file (accessible by the Examples menu).

Thanks to all those who proposed these enhancements.

Best wishes