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Download Bel Atout for free

Official site of the famous Bel Atout (Belote card game). Four different kinds of Belote, with many options. Download here the free full unlimited version, with no ads. No need to register, you play with an AI partner against two other machine players. For PC (all Windows), Mac OS X, Linux.

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1. Download

To download Bel Atout (the free full unlimited version with no advertising), click on the belatout631e.exe link in the yellow rectangle below:

No download from a tablet or a smartphone

In case the program is blocked or you get a security message,
please read below  >>>>

For PC (all Windows from 2000) - Size of the file to download: 2.47 MB

Publishing this software from another site or any support is not allowed.
For Windows 95 and 98, thanks to contact me.

Supports touch screens starting from Windows 7. Runs also on tablets with Windows 8 and over (but not with Windows RT). Does not work on the other tablets (Android, iPad, etc.), nor on smartphones.

2. Installation

After downloading, open your Downloads folder and double-click belatout631e.exe to carry out the installation. Let yourself be guided, accept the authorizations and complete the installation. An icon will be added to your desktop in order to launch the program. You don't have to be online to play.

To update a previous version, just install this new version in the same folder as your previous one. The new files will be modified, but neither your personal files nor your preferences.

See also how to run the program on Mac OS X and Linux.

Cliquez ici pour la version française.

Direct link to this page, that you are free to use:
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In case the program is blocked or you get a security message

If you get a security message, don't panic. Browsers are not antiviruses, and they are just informing you that what you are trying to download is an executable file, like all the other program files with the .exe extension. These measures of general nature do not concern Bel Atout in particular. These warnings, not always very kind with software authors, differ from one browser to the other and may be displayed in this way:

  • This type of file can harm your computer.
  • The publisher of belatout631e.exe has not been verified.
  • You attempted to download malware.
  • You attempted to download something from an unfamiliar and potentially dangerous website.
  • Etc.

If you set the security level of your browser to "Very high", you are likely to get numerous alarming messages, as well as some functions disabled such as downloading .exe files. Make a search from your browser name and the security message, in order to find out how to manage your security at best without losing important functions.

The only applications entitled to recognize the malicious nature of a program are antiviruses. Have the belatout631.exe file scanned by your antivirus, and you'll see that it contains no virus. It doesn't connect to Internet and collects no data about you (unlike many applications for tablets and smartphones). It is a free and disinterested program, like many others. Fortunately, there are still plenty of them.

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What to do if your system has blocked the program?

Some new versions of Windows block the programs downloaded from Internet, making them impossible to open from the Downloads folder. There again, if this blocking is not due to your antivirus, it is only a security measure quite commonly used. Several solutions can be provided:

  • Right click the downloaded file, next select the Property menu, next click the Unblock button (if any).

  • Copy the downloaded file to another folder, and unblock it like described above.

  • Rename the file before downloading by changing its extension (use .txt for example). Copy this .txt file to another folder and unblock it like described above. Once unblocked, change the extension back to .exe.

  • Move the downloaded file to a USB stick, and carry out the installation from the stick.

  • Download the program from a different computer, and install it from a USB stick.

Sometimes, an antivirus blocks by mistake some programs (including Internet Explorer!). Then, you must find the solution in your antivirus documentation, or on the Web by searching the name of your antivirus and the keywords "blocks" and "program". Generally, other net surfers will have had the same misadventure as yours with other programs. It's a pity but that's the way it is.

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Warning at the beginning of the installation

Since Windows Vista, launching the installation of a program like Bel Atout always begins with a warning box and a message such as:

  • An unidentified program wants to access your computer.
  • Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer?

Unfortunately, to stop being an unknown publisher and avoid this box at the start of the installation, I should have my programs certified, which is rather expensive. Knowing that I have already made several tens of versions of Bel Atout, in French and in English, with 3 other programs on the side, you see that this certification is not within the pocket of freelance authors who publish free programs with no ads.

So, I have naturally given up trying to become a publisher certified by Microsoft. The last solution for me is to be known on the net by the history of the program, by word of mouth and by the links you'll be kind enough to add to your pages. I ensure your security (the one of my programs and the one of my site) by what I call the partitioning principle: my development PC's are not physically connected to Internet, and I have a great number of cheap laptops, each one having its specific tasks and modes of use. Here I am at home, in the middle of work:

My study
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In case of difficulty

In case of difficulty when downloading or installing, contact me so that I can help you. The most frequent problems are the following ones:

  1. Forgetting to carry out the installation. While on tablets and smartphones downloading and installing are made in only one operation, two of them are generally needed on a computer (downloading and then installing).

  2. Attempting to download from an Android or iPad tablet. The program has been written for Windows. It counts more than one million lines of code, and it would be for me a titanic work to rewrite the whole of it.

  3. A user forgetting that on a previous machine he had changed his preferences. So he believes that on the new machine the program doesn't work right. He goes through ten uninstallations and reinstallations (which is useless with my programs). While he should just open the Preferences menu and set the various available options.

  4. Crash of the computer during the hot summer days. It has nothing to do with Bel Atout. Over 28° with no air conditioning, some devices can no longer work properly.

  5. Sometimes, the user thinks he's got a limited version of the program, for several menus remain grayed. This version of Bel Atout is complete. The grayed menus are enabled at the end of a deal, or when a deal file is open (Examples menu). The rule preferences remain grayed during the course of a game for then they cannot be changed.

  6. Some users download an old version from a doubtful site found by a search engine. Only my personal site is allowed to publish Bel Atout. Don't put yourself in danger by visiting sites that use the program name to catch you. In Bel Atout, the Help / Author's website menu allows you to come to these pages with no risk of being mistaken.
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Sounds and voices

The standard version of Bel Atout is supplied with a few sounds and voices. But these sounds are in the mp3 format, which cannot be heard by all configurations. If you are in this case, you can download the equivalent sounds in the full wav format :

Must be downloaded only if your configuration cannot read the sounds in the mp3 format. Have a try first. If needed, read the help files of Bel Atout. Note also that some users who could hear the sounds from Windows Explorer but not from Bel Atout, have fixed this problem by installing a new version of their media player.

A few sounds : Laughs, screams, applauds, etc.
Self-extracting zip file for Windows 95 and higher - 1.3 MB
This file must be extracted to the Sounds / waSounds folder of Bel Atout.

Sounds for the comparison
Self-extracting zip file for Windows 95 and higher - 203 KB
This file must be extracted to the Sounds / waSounds folder of Bel Atout.

One voice : for the bidding, melding, etc.
Self-extracting zip file for Windows 95 and higher - 1.89 MB
This file must be extracted to the Voices / waVoices folder of Bel Atout.

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Other problems and solutions

After downloading a file, check that its size is the same as the one indicated on this page. Sometimes, the downloading is interrupted without any warning, which causes an error when using the downloaded file. If this happens, you have to download the file again.

When extracting a Zip file, don't forget, BEFORE clicking the Unzip button, to click the Browse button in order to indicate to which folder you want to extract. If you skip this step and click too soon the Unzip button, you extract the file to a temporary folder that is not really accessible.