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What's new in SimiliBridge 4.93

February 2nd - 2023

This version 4.93 differs from version 4.92 only by the addition in the Play menu of a sub-menu to replay only the card play. The deal will then begin at the end of the bidding. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl+F3, or right click the Replay the deal button.

Improvements in the playing level

  • Signal when leading back a long suit to establish

    When a defender undertakes to establish his long suit at No Trump, he often relies on a side suit which will allow him to get the lead back once his long suit established. It is still necessary that his partner, if he is the one who gets the lead first, finds this side suit. And it's not always easy, because in No Trump there are very often 2 possible suits, and sometimes 3. Choosing the wrong suit runs the risk of losing the only chance of defeating the contract.

    Fortunately, the long player very quickly has the freedom to choose the card he uses to knock down the opposing master card or to unblock his suit if it is blocked. He can often play a low card or a high one, without this affecting the trick. And if he absolutely must play a card in sequence, he can use the abnormal order of play to transmit information to his partner. This is the principle of the suit preference signal. A high card will ask for the higher-ranking possible suit. And a low card, or sometimes a bottom of sequence, will ask for the lower-ranking suit. In rare cases where 3 suits are possible, the player will sometimes be able to use a medium card to ask for the intermediate suit.

    To enable this new signal, open the Rule preferences on the Signaling / When leading a suit page, and select Suit preference signal from the list for the Leading back a long suit to establish situation. This signal is rarely decisive because partner often finds which suit to return. But there are still cases where he is wrong, and it is then a pity not to succeed in cashing the tricks that have been established. See some common examples with deals n°4 to 14 of the Last corrections file (accessible via the Examples menu).

  • Internet menu accessible to Linux users

    The Internet menu is now directly accessible to Linux users, who should thus be able to play the prepared games more easily. In case of problem, do not hesitate to contact me.

  • Many mistakes have been corrected

    Many mistakes have been corrected for the play in No Trump, but those presented in the Last corrections file (accessible via the Examples menu) relate to the suit preference signal. Deals n°1 to 3 present a suit preference signal when giving a ruff, which was misunderstood by partner. And deals n°4 to 14 describe the suit preference signal when leading back a long suit to establish, with a small challenge on deal n°10, where it will be up to you to guess the correct line of play. Warning: only the most experienced players should succeed! The solution will be given on deal n°11.

Thanks to all those who have proposed these enhancements.

Best wishes