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What's new in SimiliBridge 4.50

June 8th - 2021

Some improvements for the high-level

  • Options for counting L points

    There is now a new entry called Evaluation in the rule preferences tree view. In its main page, you will find the Count your length points (L) classic option, which is enabled by default, but also 3 new options to change the way of counting these points. I have added for example the one which consists in counting them also in the trump suit (in addition to the usual D points). This is an option which often raises the contract levels, and should therefore be reserved for the most advanced players.

  • Plus values and minus values

    In the evaluation pages, there are also new options to take into account plus values and minus values, these points that we add or deduct according to certain criteria such as intermediate cards, bare honors, etc. The hands are thus more finely evaluated, but I still have a lot of progress to make on the subject because in this little game, the computer seems to lose as often as it wins. Do not hesitate to send me the deals where a machine player misjudges his hand.

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  • Better display of decision explanation

    The display of the decision explanation (when studying a deal) has been improved. We see more clearly the computer's decision and its H, HL et HLD points according to the different fits analyzed. When a plus value or minus value is found, it is displayed in brackets next to the player's points, as in the image below:

    Decision 1

  • Detailed display of plus values and minus values

    There is now the (+1 -1) tab which allows you to display in detail the plus values and minus values analyzed by the machine player. You will then be able to better understand his decision. Here is an example of what might be displayed:

    Decision 2
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  • Display of playing tricks and losers

    Finally, there is the Tricks tab which allows you to see the playing tricks of the player on lead, as well as his losers in each suit. If you are not used to this other form of evaluation (which mainly concerns one-suited or strongly two-suited hands), read the Different types of evaluation page which explains how these tricks and losers are counted. They will be displayed this way:

    Decision 3

  • Improved preemptive and sacrifice bids

    Some preemptive bids were missing in fourth seat when both opponents have bid. They have been added. And the sacrifice bids have been improved by taking better account of the law of total tricks. Still, it is a difficult subject that generates a lot of questionable decisions. Send me the deals where a sacrifice bid is wrong or clearly missing.

Thanks to all those who have proposed these enhancements.

Best wishes