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If you need quick troubleshooting in the use of Bel Atout (Belote), SimiliBridge (Bridge and Minibridge), Élysée (President) and Far Whist (Elevator Whist), these pages are for you. Click on the link related to your problem, and find the solution in the next minute!

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A display problem?

You have a display problem: the program does not correctly display cards, bids, tooltips, the game table, scores, statistics, etc.

Read the page: Display Troubleshooting

An interface problem?

You have an interface problem: you are unable to do what you want (bid, play a card, declare a meld, review the bidding, the card play, use the mouse, the keyboard). Or the program does not work as you hoped (timing, sounds, counting points, conduct of the game, automatisms, crash, etc.).

Read the page: Interface Troubleshooting

A problem with rules?

You have a problem with rules: you disagree with the rules of the game (dealing, bidding, card play, melding, ruffing, doubling, scoring, end of game, etc.). Or you don't understand the strategy rules (decisions, conventions, techniques, cheating, level of play, etc.).

Read the page: Rules Troubleshooting

For everything concerning the study of a deal step by step, the comparison with the computer, the mastery of deal files and the creation of prepared games, read the Frequent Questions instead.