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Most frequent questions

Here are the frequently asked questions about Bel Atout (Belote), Similibridge (Bridge and Minibridge), Far Whist (Elevator Whist) and Élysée (President). Find here the answer to most of your questions about these 4 card game programs. For PC (all Windows), Mac OS X, Linux.

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A question about a deal?

  • How can I see the 4 hands at the beginning of the deal?
  • How to see a deal again and study it step by step?
  • The rules of the game seem to be broken.
  • Do the three other players know my cards?
  • How can I report a playing mistake?

    Read the page: Studying a deal step by step

A question about the comparison?

  • What is the principle of comparison?
  • I think the comparison goes too fast.
  • How do I know when the computer played differently from me?
  • I don't understand how the comparison points are scored.
    Special Belote
  • During the comparison, South does not always declare Rebelote.
    Special Bridge
  • During the comparison, the opening lead is different and I am penalized.
  • I played better than the computer, and yet I lose the comparison.

    Read the page: Understanding the comparison

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A difficulty on the bidding at contract belote?  New!

  • I bid 80 but my partner does not lead a trump!
  • My partner bids a new suit over my 80 and he goes down!
  • My partner plays a low trump under his Jack and the opponent wins with his singleton 9!
  • My partner bids infeasible capots!
  • My partner does not see my signals!
  • My partner bids an aberrant 170!
  • Why are there many more capots for East-West?
  • What is the Regina System?

    Read the page: Contract belote and the Regina system

A question about the deal files?

  • Why do some menus and buttons remain grayed out?
  • Can I see again the last deals I just played?
  • Are there any example deals to understand the rules of the game?
  • Are there any example deals to study the playing techniques?
  • Can I build a deal by distributing the cards myself?
  • Can I create my own deals and put them in a file?
  • Where are my personal deal files saved?
  • How to change all preferences at once?
  • How to present deals on computer?

    Read the page: Handling the deal files

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A question about the prepared games?

  • How do I create a prepared game file?
  • How to play a prepared game?
    Special Bridge
  • How to offer prepared games from a website?
  • How to display comments during a prepared game?
  • How to create deals well played by SimiliBridge?
  • How to force the rule preferences of a student?
  • How to write an Html page offering prepared games?
  • Why do some browsers open the .bri files as text?
  • What if you don't have your own website?
  • How to help download SimiliBridge?

    Read the page: How to create prepared games

You can also find a quick solution to all your little problems using my four software, by consulting the troubleshooting pages.