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Card games free download

Free card games to play against the computer (Belote, Bridge, President and Elevator Whist). Download here these games in their free full unlimited version. Official site of Bel Atout, SimiliBridge, Élysée and Far Whist. For PC (all Windows), Mac OS X, Linux.

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Welcome to my personal site

I am mainly interested in programming, problem solving and artificial intelligence. I present here my free card game programs that might divert you or catch your attention.

To download a card game

Click on the left side on the game you want to download (Belote or Bridge or President or Whist). Then, click on top of the screen on Download. And finally click on the download link. Note that President has different names according to countries (Bum, Scum, Capitalism, Landlord, Hûbéres, etc.). Belote might also be called Belotta or Bela, and is not far from card games like Klaverjas, Debertz and others. At last, Elevator Whist is also very close to Oh Hell!, Blackout or Romanian Whist.


All my programs are protected by copyright laws, but you may use them freely as a private individual. On the other hand, people are not allowed to distribute them. If certain sites offer you to download whatever version of my programs, they do so completely outside the law. You may then have doubts about their reliability.

Privacy policy

This site dedicated to card games is non commercial and with no ads. It does not collect any personal information about you (no cookies, java, javascript or registration form). The free games you can download here are made for one player against the computer and have no multiplayer mode. These programs do not connect to the Internet and do not transfer any of your personal data.

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