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Prepared games - Belote

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In the pages that are proposed here, you can find information about theoretical points on belote (rules of the game, conventions, techniques, etc.), and immediately put them into practice on short prepared games of a few deals. These extremely simple deals are designed to present only one difficulty at a time, and very quickly put you in a game situation where you will apply what you have learned. All the deals of the same game are similar, so that through repetition you can effortlessly assimilate the basic information you need to play well.

Make sure you have installed at least version 6.40 of Bel Atout. It is it that will allow you to open the prepared games in good conditions. In these prepared games, you play with your personal settings (rules of the game, playing level, strategy options, etc.). Only certain essential options are activated during the prepared game so as to illustrate a precise theoretical point. But once the game is over, all your personal rule preferences are restored.

Contract Belote - Beginner player

These prepared games are intended for a player who knows how to play classic or modern belote, but does not know at all (or very little) how to play contract belote. As the rules of the card play are the same for contract belote as for the other belotes, it is above all an introduction to the bidding that is proposed in these pages.

Contract Belote - Beginner 1

Learn about the 4 main openings of the Regina system (used in Bel Atout) and their support responses.

Contract Belote - Beginner 2

Learn about other developments (bid of a new suit, overcalls, strenght bids and strong opening bids).

Contract Belote - Experienced player

These prepared games are intended for a player who already knows how to play contract belote. They offer him to check his knowledge about capot bidding, and if necessary improve his skills by discovering conventional bids to make more capots.

Contract Belote - Advanced 1

Learn to master the rebids to try to reach a capot, and the different relay capots used in Bel Atout.

More prepared games will be added later according to your requests.

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