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Prepared games - Bridge

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In the pages that are proposed here, you can find information about theoretical points on bridge (rules of the game, techniques, conventions, etc.), and immediately put them into practice on short prepared games of a few deals. These extremely simple deals are designed to present only one difficulty at a time, and very quickly put you in a game situation where you will apply what you have learned. All the deals of the same game are similar, so that through repetition you can effortlessly assimilate the basic information you need to play well.

Make sure you have installed at least version 4.71 of SimiliBridge. It is it that will allow you to open the prepared games in good conditions. If in these prepared games the strategy options are different from your personal settings, these will be restored once the game is over.


Beginner 1

This page will introduce you to the card play. You will not have to make any bid because the final contract will always be declared by your partner or your opponents. You will then be able to discover the interest of the game, and get a taste for the first techniques of offense and defense.

Beginner 2

This page will introduce you to the bidding in minibridge, which is simplified so that you can easily learn how to evaluate your hand and declare your first contracts. The main scoring rules will be explained to you, and more techniques of the card play will also be introduced.

Beginner 3

This page will introduce you to the first bids of the system called the Five-card major. Only a few standard bids will be described, as well as their simplest responses. You will therefore have no difficulty in completing your first bidding sequences with your partner, and making further progress in your mastery of the card play.

If you manage to play most of the deals of this level correctly, you will already be able to hold your place at a bridge table, as far as the card play is concerned. You will only have a few more types of bids to learn (openings, responses, rebids), and two or three conventions used by all bridge players, to be able to play in a club in total serenity. More pages for beginners will be added according to your requests.


Advanced 1

This page introduces you to the first signaling techniques that defenders can use to better understand each other and defeat the contract more often. You can learn these techniques from the Beginner 3 level, because it is the opponents who do the bidding and their bids do not intervene in the defense.

More pages for advanced players will be added according to your requests.

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