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Elevator Whist, a brilliant card game!

Play Elevator Whist (also called Up and Down the River, Romanian Whist or Oh Hell!). Far Whist is the ideal program to learn the game since you play at your own pace against the computer. Download the free full unlimited version from the author's site. For PC (all Windows), Linux, Mac OS X.

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Far Whist

Far Whist

Does not work on iPhone or iPad or Android

Far Whist is a free card game program for playing Elevator Whist against the computer (but not on a network) with the following variations :
  1. Elevator Whist
  2. Oh Hell! (variation close to Elevator Whist)
  3. Other variations (by combining the numerous options)
  4. Romanian Whist (variation with 32 cards)

Elevator Whist is probably one of the funniest card games ever, as it creates so many surprising and spectacular situations. It is an individual game very easy to learn. And it pleases the mind by a delightful mixture of strategy and luck, of risk‑taking based on probability or simple intuition, the whole being enhanced by an intense feeling of suspense that often runs until the last card. A real treat!


Did you know that the rules of the game in Whist are almost the same as in Bridge (Whist is the ancestor of Bridge) ? To verify this, some prepared games specially designed for beginners are now available. You will have nothing to learn, you already know everything!

Go to: Prepared games - Bridge

What's new in version 2.11 The rules of the game to start well
Quick troubleshooting  New! Frequently asked questions

Accessibility :  easy (over the age of 8)
Version 2.11 for :  PC (Windows 95 and higher)
Number of downloads :  Over 15 000 since 1.00
Users' opinion :  Rather good

To download the game, click on Download on top of the screen.

See also how to run the program on Mac OS X and Linux.

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Far Whist 2.11

Far Whist 2.11 (reduced window)

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