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What's new in Far Whist 2.11

January 3rd - 2023

This version 2.11 differs from version 2.10 only by the correction of several display bugs which appeared in connection with the last versions of Wine on certain Linux distributions. In addition, the Internet menu is now directly accessible to Linux users, who should therefore be able to open the troubleshooting and frequently asked questions pages more easily.

A few small improvements

  • Display of the opening lead during the bidding

    During the bidding, we often need to know which player will have the opening lead (will play the first card of the deal). The dealer is always displayed by two stars around his name ( * South *  for example), but it required a little mental gymnastics to find the player with the lead. Now, it is displayed with the exponent One around his name ( ¹ East ¹  for example). Thus, we can more quickly know which player will play first, once the bidding is over.

  • 3 sequences with 52 cards have been added, with NT in descent

    At the request of a regular user, I've added dealing sequences that are played at NT in descent. As usual, the deals are played with a trump suit in the ascent from 1 to 12, and the game is at No Trump when the players have 13 cards each. But then, in the descent from 12 to 1, the game remains at NT. This makes it possible to play at No Trump more often, and to experiment with the new difficulties that the bidding and the card play impose when all the cards are not dealt and there is no trump suit. The 3 added sequences have the following names:

    1,2,3,...,10,11,12,13,(NT)12,11,10,....,3,2,1 =25     (increasing by 1)
    1,3,5,7,9,11,13,(NT)11,9,7,5,3,1 =13     (increasing by 2)
    1,4,7,10,13,(NT)10,7,4,1 =9     (increasing by 3)

    You can select these sequences in the rules preferences on the Dealing page. Note the text (NT) which reminds you that the game is played at No Trump in the descent. You can see examples of use on deals n°8 to 10 of the last corrections file (accessible by the Examples menu).

  • A few mistakes have been corrected

    A few mistakes in the playing have been corrected. Some of them are reserved for level 3 because they relate to a slightly more sophisticated way of playing. Have a look at them in the last corrections file (accessible by the Examples menu).

Thanks to all those who have proposed these enhancements.

Best wishes