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Novedades de Bel Atout 6.56

12 de junio de 2023

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This version 6.56 differs from version 6.55 only by the correction of several mistakes in the bidding and the card play. See the deals from N°37 of the last corrections file (accessible via the Examples menu). Moreover, the program has been translated into Greek, thanks to the voluntary help of Makis and Nikos. Many thanks to both of them! If you are Greek, note that I put 2 files, one with the word Μπαστούνι [Bastoúni] for Spade, and another with Πίκα [Píka] (as well as some words more used in bridge).

A few small improvements

  • Point out the bids that win the game (Contract)

    This is a new option for the bids displayed on the table at contract belote, when playing games that are won on total points. When a player makes a bid allowing his team to win the game if successful, the bid is displayed on the table with a light blue border. The user can thus easily identify situations where it is sometimes in his interest to overbid so as to push the opponents to declare a higher and therefore more uncertain contract. If the sacrifice bids option is enabled, any bid that wins the game may lead opponents to overbid without actually having the hand to do so. It is important to be aware of this type of situation, to prevent yourself from overbidding recklessly.

    This new display option is enabled by default because I often forget to look at the scores, and get wrong at the end of the game about the likely value of the other players' bids (opponents or partner). But if you want to disable it, open the general preferences on the Play page. Before that, see a fairly classic example on deal n°15 of the last corrections file (accessible via the Examples menu). Look at the tooltip of the two bids on the table, indicating for one that it wins the game, and for the other that it may be a sacrifice bid.

    Such a display makes it easier for the user to make a decision, but it must be admitted that the latter does not have the same calculation abilities as the computer. It is therefore acceptable to help him a little to overcome this weakness, even if he can achieve the same result by a rough calculation. On the condition, however, of always thinking of it at the end of the game...

  • Internet menu accessible to Linux users

    The Internet menu is now directly accessible to Linux users, who should thus be able to play the prepared games more easily. In case of problem, do not hesitate to contact me.

  • A new menu to replay only the card play

    In the Play menu, a new sub-menu has been added to replay only the card play. The deal will then begin at the end of the bidding. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl+F3, or right click the Replay the deal button.

  • Very nice playing mistakes have been corrected

    Very nice playing mistakes, mostly sent by seasoned players, have been corrected. You can find them in the last corrections file (accessible via the Examples menu). There is even a small novelty in the bidding system, which only concerns a very rare situation, but which is quite amusing. The new bid is described on deals n°10 to 15.

Thanks to all those who proposed these enhancements.

Best wishes